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CEX-like trading
experience, on a DEX
CEX-like trading
experience, on a DEX

Dradex introduces the first unified Order Book & AMM model, fully integrated to facilitate trades with minimum slippage. Our algorithm automatically executes your order at the best price from a seamless combination of either the Order Book or the AMM Liquidity Pool.

Dradex App


We provide a wide range of state-of-the-art features with a consistent and smooth trading experience.

Market Orders
with low slippage

Dradex provides many benefits to traders and liquidity providers via a unified order book and AMM liquidity protocol. The protocol ensures better liquidity and spread, as well as lower slippage compared to other platforms, even for large orders.

Lucrative benefits for Liquidity Providers

Thanks to our unique integrated model, Dradex's liquidity providers receive trading fees not only from orders filled in the liquidity pool, but also from orders filled in the order book.

To further reward liquidity providers, Dradex introduces an arbitrage bot written in smart contracts that helps balance price with other decentralized exchanges. The profit from our arbitrage bot is distributed back to liquidity providers. This helps us to compensate liquidity providers for impermanent losses. In the foreseeable future, Dradex will continue rewarding liquidity providers with our own tokens.

Support tokens
from multiple chains

Dradex supports trading tokens from other chains, not just Solana. With our integrated cross-chain transaction trackers, users can easily keep track of tokens deposited from or withdrawn to other chains without needing to check on the blockchains.

Permissionless markets and farms

Users can create markets, liquidity pools and farms for their pools simply with a few clicks.

Decentralized & Non-custodial

Dradex is non-custodial and decentralized. Our spot exchange runs on an on-chain smart contract entirely. Users can enjoy all the advantages of on-chain order book trading, while maintaining full control of their own funds.

Fast trades & Low fees

Built on the Solana blockchain, Dradex is able to execute trades instantly and confirm on the blockchain within seconds. The architecture also allows us to offer extremely


There are many ways to contribute to Dradex, for technical and non-technical people

List your coin

Whether you're launching a new token or expanding market reach for an existing one, listing your coin on our exchange is a great choice.

Pools & Farms

Stake your tokens to earn attractive interest from our Liquidity Pools and Farms.

Join the community

Ask questions and share ideas with people in the Dradex community.


Phase 1

  • Order Book with integrated LP
  • Cross-chain Transfers
  • Farms
  • Cross-chain Relayer
  • Arbitrage bot

Phase 2

  • Mobile App
  • Token IDO
  • Margin Trading
  • Open-source Release
  • Fiat On-ramp integration
  • PERP Futures
  • More cross-chain bridges, more chains supported

Phase 3

  • Launchpad
  • Lending & Borrowing
  • Privacy features (Anonymous Trades)
  • Decentralized cross-chain bridge